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*Do indicate which Sambal you would like the out of stock products to be replaced with.

Sambal Belacan Kronik x 1

  • Not your ordinary sambal belacan - loaded with cili padi 


Sambal Belacan Kronik Extreme x 1 (Out of Stock)

  • Extra cili padi for the extra kick!


Sambal Mala(m) Seram x 1

  • With mala pepper


Sambal Kicap Kronik Extreme x 1 (Out of Stock)

  • All time favourite sambal kicap with added cili padi


Sambal Harum Keluak Malam x 1

  • Sambal with keluak for a twist

KC Champion Sambal Bundle


    Buy KC Champion x Wahyu Brand

    Sambal Malam Seram Bundle (SGD$50)

    Singapore/Malaysia Delivery (SGD$10)

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